The World according to cameragenic

See through a different lens!



My Background

My life in photography didn't move  significantly until "PhotoShop" and the "Digital Universe" emerged.  These tools provided the open door for me to explore new parameters of realization and communication through abstractions and composites.

Photography as Communication

My images are an amalgam  of individual Hi- resolution photographs, taken throughout North America and Europe, extensively edited, reformatted, and “ReWorlded”, to create, what I call the “Cameragenic” experience.  Completed works are a result of the joining of two very different activities,  the outside world through an array of photographic imagery and the inside world of the “Digital Darkroom”, where the creative post processing happens and where anything is possible.



 I see the work as a deconstruction of the material world and,  a reconstruction of it into an abstract pseudo environment that coaxes the mind into accepting the resulting image as an alternative reality,  which at the same time, tries to  builds a framework of artistic validity.

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